October 16, 2015

happiness leads to profit

A new Blackhawk Engagement Solutions’ survey of employed Americans reveals that happy employees are more productive than unhappy employees. The study also shows that employee rewards and recognition may not be aligned with what actually makes employees happy and more productive. Out of a list of 12 influences, with one being the highest, respondents ranked their jobs number eight in terms of contributions to overall happiness. Ranking in the top spots were family, friends and health.

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Happiness leads to greater levels of profits

Workers with strong relationships with co-workers are likewise better at staying engaged and performing under stress. A recent Gallup survey found only 13% of employees are engaged at work, meaning the vast majority of working adults doesn't enjoy their work.

 Happiness is the ultimate productivity booster, because happy people:
  • work better with others;
  • fix problems instead of complaining about them;
  • have more energy,
  • are more creative, optimistic, motivated, and healthy (i.e., they take fewer sick days);
  • worry less about making mistakes (and then actually make fewer mistakes);
  • learn faster; and
  • make better decisions.

Married couples are happier than single people, especially those who say they married their best friend, says a new study. The National Bureau of Economic Research in Canada used data for the report from the British Household Panel Survey, the United Kingdom's Annual Population, and the Gallup World Poll.