August 10, 2015

things you should never say to a woman

things you should never say to a woman

Sports have unwritten rules. If an unwritten rule is broken, the offending player will face the consequences.
Relationships have unwritten rules. Technically, all of the rules in dating are unwritten, but there are certain rules in relationships that are so obvious they really shouldn't have to be explained.
Sadly, we're going to have to explain them, because some guys are just plain clueless.

"Are You Putting On Weight?"

Don't Say: “Are you putting on weight?”
This one barely needs explanation. If she's put on weight, chances are she's already well aware of that herself. The last thing she needs is for you to point it out.
Instead Say: “Let's do something active today. I'm feeling out of shape.”
If you do believe she's putting on weight, then your ultimate goal is for her to eat better and exercise. Instead of letting her know that you've noticed she's gone up a size or two (and trust us, she knows already), shift the focus to committing to being healthier together. You're not perfect and could probably stand to lose a couple pounds, too. The focus will then be on sharing healthy activities together, rather than on her weight gain.

"You Look Awful In That Outfit!"

Don't Say: “You look awful in that outfit.”
Instead Say: “I just don't like that outfit.”
If you must voice your displeasure in her appearance, it's best to blame the outfit and not the person underneath. If you don't like the way she looks in a dress, shirt or sweatshirt that graduated college with her, make it about the faults of the material. If you want to soften the blow, package the critique with a compliment so it doesn't sound like she's the unattractive piece of the puzzle. "I don't think that color works with your skin tone" or "That dress is making you look heavy in places that you're not" are at least softer ways of putting down her clothing choices.

"Was That Good For You?"

Don't Say: “Was that good for you?”
Almost as bad a question as "How many people have you been with sexually" is the query "How was that?" right after sex.
Instead Say: “That was amazing.”
If you want to know how you did, without asking bluntly, tell her how good she was in bed. She'll have to respond in some way.

"How Many Men Have You Been With?"

Don't Say: “How many men have you been with?”
Just as she should never ask how many women you've been with, you should never ask her how many men she's slept with. The reason you should never ask this question is because you don't want to know. It doesn't matter if the number is high or low -- there is nothing to be gained from the knowledge of how many other men she's been with sexually. The only thing it will do is change the way you feel about her. If it's too high, you'll think she just gives it up to any guy, and if it's too low you'll wonder if there is something wrong with her.
Instead Say: “How many long-term relationships have you been in?”
If you must know, or find yourself in a situation where you have to ask, it's better to steer the question away from sex and more towards relationships, stay away from the word sex, and focus on dating history.